Our Story

Hi I'm Dee, founder of All About OM. I'm a wife, mother, adventurer seeker, travel enthusiast, ocean-aholic, and certified yoga teacher!  Yoga is my passion because it's changed my life in so many ways, and I love sharing that passion with others.  My yoga journey began 20 years ago, after a recreational vehicle accident left me with a serious back injury.  The road to recovery was slow, and at the time I was not at all familiar with yoga.  A close friend suggested that we try a ten week yoga class together, and although I wasn't really interested in yoga, I did look forward to the opportunity to get out with a friend once a week.  I agreed to join her.  By the end of the ten weeks of classes I was hooked! It turned out that 'little miss adventure' was ready for some OM in her life.  Shortly after, I began training to be a yoga teacher under that instructor, and I was blessed to have her for a teacher, and mentor for several years.  Thank you Mary. Yoga has been part of my life ever since. I completed my YTT 200 in Koh Samui.  Thailand, in February 2019. Thank you to Tania and all the wonderful teachers there, who taught me that yoga is so much more than I could have ever imagined all those years ago.  My life continues to be an adventure, and I've been fortunate enough to travel and live in a lot of amazing places, but I've always found room for my yoga mat to go along for the ride.

The All About OM story began in the fall of 2019....

I finished my Yoga Teacher Training, I was about to leave for my first teaching job at a resort in Mexico.  My plan had always been to get my yoga teaching certification, then find places abroad to teach, while getting to explore new countries and cultures. It's a wonderful way of life, but it can be a little difficult getting to meet other like minded people. While doing a little pre-travel shopping, I stumbled upon a little black tank top with the simple typed words; ‘There’s No Place Like OM’. That little mantra really spoke to me!  But what really surprised me, was how much it spoke to other people!  I noticed them reading the words and then smiling, sometimes making the sound 'OM' and closing their eyes! It often led to them chatting with me about yoga and their experience with it, or asking me questions about my yoga life!  That little tank top was drawing in my yoga community!  It was engaging people who didn't know yoga too! I got so many questions, and by the time I was at my new teaching job, I realized, this tank top was the key to connecting with my 'yoga tribe’.  I felt inspired wearing it, and I loved inspiring others.  I longed to have more clothes with designs that drew together my yoga community and allowed me to connect with them.

I thought about all the fun and inspirational yoga designs that would help connect me and my yoga friends, and how it would be a perfect sideline to teaching.  I love sharing yoga and finding others who share that passion, and my hope with my designs, was to do just that.  When the pandemic hit in 2020, I had plenty of time to make it a reality.

So...All About OM was born!  A shop where you can find fun and inspirational yoga clothing and accessories for your everyday life.  Yoga is meant to be shared and celebrated.  Our hope is to unite our yoga tribe and hopefully, invite even more people to join in this wonderful yoga journey. 

Our mission here at All About OM is to celebrate our passion for yoga!   We believe in promoting the yoga lifestyle and having some fun while doing it! We invite you to find your favorite design on a tank top, t-shirt, hoodie or coffee mug, that represents your passion for yoga.  We think our designs are the perfect way to wear your yoga heart on your sleeve, and take a little yoga with you wherever you go.  If we make you smile or inspire you, we are doing our job.  If we inspire someone new to discover yoga, our world is a better place. 

Namaste 🙏 

Deanna Kent, Founder of All About OM